Your donation to OACAC empowers your neighbors with the resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency. With your help, we can continue our mission to alleviate poverty in Southwest Missouri by supporting education, healthcare, financial assistance, and other programs that enable children and families to enjoy a better quality of life.

  1. Grant Assistance Fund

    Your gift helps fill the gaps. The OACAC Grant Assistance Fund supports the unmet needs of OACAC programs and projects through a biannual application process. Over the years, the Grant Assistance Fund has supported Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, expansion of the REALL project, help with utility deposits and reconnect fees, critical home repairs, HPV screenings, fair housing education, and much more.
    $2,239.03 donated of $15,000.00 goal

    Your support helps keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    $100.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  3. Weatherization

    Your gift supports critical repairs to homes.
    $50.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
  4. Head Start Smiles

    Your donation will provide Head Start children with dental check-ups, preventive treatments, and needed restorative work.
    $2,697.90 donated of $9,000.00 goal
  5. Housing

    Help provide tools to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing in our communities.
    $0.00 donated of $4,050.00 goal
  6. Foster Grandparents

    We need a new truck.
    $50.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  7. Family Planning

    Donate to Family Planning needs.
    $195.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  8. Neighborhood Centers

    Your gift provides help to individuals and families
    $2,880.25 donated of $10,000.00 goal