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OACAC is a nonprofit agency working to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in the Ozarks. As part of a network of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies nationwide, OACAC strives to make life better for our neighbors through resources, opportunities, and innovative programs and projects.

From developing programs for families to initiating community projects, OACAC is committed to making Southwest Missouri a better place to live and work for all residents.


OACAC’s Community Care initiatives empower individuals and families to make smart choices and attain self-sufficiency. Services include Family Planning, Foster Grandparents, Neighborhood Centers, and Head Start.

Family Planning

OACAC provides quality reproductive health care and resources to help families determine the number and spacing of children.

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Foster Grandparent

Volunteers 55 and older share their time, talents, and encouragement with children throughout Southwest Missouri.

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Neighborhood Centers

From Life Skills Classes to Emergency Assistance, OACAC helps residents with long- and short-term needs.

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Head Start

Head Start prepares children for a lifetime of learning success and fosters healthy development for kids and families.

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Need help with rent? Housing provides assistance with monthly rental payments. Looking for assistance paying your utility bill? LIHEAP provides assistance with winter heating and summer cooling. Weatherization boosts the energy-efficiency of your home and saves you money on electricity and gas. Contact your local OACAC office to apply.

Housing Assistance

OACAC helps low-income residents with rental payments so that they may have access to safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.

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LIHEAP Energy Programs

OACAC helps you stay warm all winter long. Qualified residents may receive assistance with winter heating bills.

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Insulation and repairs improve the energy efficiency of your home, keep you warm, and reduce your heating costs.

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In addition to direct assistance to our low-income neighbors, OACAC fights poverty through hands-on learning experiences that raise awareness and empathy, and help young people to make wise choices in life. Community projects include our Poverty Simulation, REALL Simulation, and VOICE Experience.

Poverty Simulation

What do you do when the cost of living outstrips income? OACAC brings to life the difficult choices low-income residents have to make every day.

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REALL Simulation

OACAC challenges teens to think critically about how the choices they make today will impact their lives for years to come.

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VOICE Experience

Through a hands-on introduction to a variety of career fields, OACAC encourages elementary students to dream big!

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