Jena’s Story

I’ve attended many Life Skill workshops and I have learned much more than I thought I could.  Like relationships for instance; what a healthy relationship is, and how to set boundaries.  I allowed myself to be taken advantage of in relationships in the past. I used the information I learned to say no to a negative relationship with a lot of drama.  I have more peace in my life now.

I was scammed financially several times in the past. After attending the Better Business Bureau workshop, I am less gullible and now I check things out first. I was ridiculed by family for years because of a learning disability. My confidence in myself was pretty low.  Although I experience challenges, participating in case management has increased my academic skills, I spell better now.  I can use a computer.  I like the tab and enter keys best.  It took a while to get that mouse under control.  My FRS has linked me to Learning Express, through our library home page, where I’ve worked on reading, spelling and grammar.  I am making improvements.  I am looking forward to my goal of writing a hand written letter to my children.

The disabilities and challenges I face have affected me in many ways, and I do not feel safe very many places. I even struggle with being at the library.  The staff at OACAC makes me feel welcome and I feel safe there.