The following resources were not developed by OACAC and are not affiliated with OACAC or the REALL project in any way. OACAC does not intend to endorse or promote any specific resource over another. The resources shared are meant to offer an extension of the topics covered during the REALL simulation.

Resources for Teens

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Has your recent REALL simulation experience motivated you to begin thinking about the future? Check out the resources below for information on financial planning, post-high school support, and sexual health.

Resources for Parents

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Do you have a child preparing for life ahead?  Could you use help gathering resources for yourself and your teen?  The resources below offer support on teen development, general parenting support, and helping your teen navigate as they head into life after high school.

General Parenting Support
Parent Toolkit

Love & Logic

Teaching kids about Money

Post-High School Support
Adolescent/Teen Development
The Teen Years Explained

  • This interactive pdf from Johns Hopkins offers information on a wide variety of topics

Positive Parenting Tips

Emotional and Behavior Advice

Parenting Challenges

Resources for Schools

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Are you an educator looking for ways to extend the learning experiences from the REALL simulation? The resources below offer information on the topics covered during a simulation for use in the classroom.

If you are looking for resources within your community, we invite you to visit one of our Neighborhood Center Offices in your area.