Board Member Of The Month, September 2020

We are pleased to recognize Sarah Lowe as our Board Member for September 2020. Several years ago, the position of president of the Webster County Advisory Board became available and after being nominated, Sarah gracefully rose to the occasion. She takes the responsibility to heart, sharing her time and talents as a volunteer with our REALL and VOICE projects, teaching Life Skills, helping with fundraising, and being a positive spokesperson for OACAC.

Sarah loves the community of Marshfield where she is active with the school system, at church, and in promoting the growth of the town. One fellow board member said of Sarah, “She has a servant’s heart with all things…You are hard pressed to go to any community function and not find Sarah Lowe there.”

Thank you, Sarah, for all you do!

Sarah is pictured volunteering during the 2017 Webster County Neighborhood Center’s Scavenger Hunt fundraiser.