Carl Rosenkranz honored with OACAC “Integrity” Award

Carl was presented the OACAC Integrity Award by Dave O’Dell, OACAC Area Board Vice President

In 2014 Carl Rosenkranz will celebrate his 40th year as Executive Director of OACAC.  In honor of his commitment and dedication to low-income families in the Ozarks, the OACAC Area Board of Directors and Staff presented Carl with a unique and “totally unexpected” award. A good leader is certain to surround him or herself with good people.  Carl does not believe he is running all the operations at OACAC.  Instead, he is guiding good people and encouraging them to believe in their talents and abilities. Thank you Carl for your belief that by working together we can help low-income families improve their quality of life and in some cases help them become financially self-sufficient.