Change For Change

Today through November 27, we are running a Change for Change campaign to support poverty reduction initiatives through the OACAC Grant Assistance Fund. Simply put, this is a change collection drive during the month of November. It will end on Giving Tuesday, November 28, with all change collected through the month added to a large container.

How do I start? Anyone can participate. Simply designate a collection container, put the sign located below on or around the container, and collect change.

What is the OACAC Grant Assistance Fund? This fund, made up of contributions by donors and fundraisers, supports the unmet needs of OACAC programs and projects through a biannual application process. Over the years, the Grant Assistance Fund has supported Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, expansion of the REALL project, help with utility deposits and reconnect fees, critical home repairs, HPV screenings, fair housing education, and much more. This grant made it possible to provide a copy machine in the lobby, allowing the people we serve to copy and attach necessary information with their applications without having to travel to make copies elsewhere.

Would you like to participate or do you need more information? Call Lindsey at (417) 873-3375.