GOAL Has Given Him Confidence

A parent recently shared this feedback about her son’s participation in the Gifted Objectives Accelerating Learning (GOAL) project:

“The other day in a class, my son was asked to list people that he feels support him. There were only three on his list: mom, dad, and his mentor. This program has given him confidence. He loves the days he can hang out with his mentor. I love to see him sharing information with his mentor that he would never share with me. Their relationship is very special. All of which is true. 🙂  Thank you so much for including us in your pilot program!”

Gifted Objectives Accelerating Learning (GOAL) is a new project during the 2018-2019 school year, based out of the Greene County Center. GOAL addresses the educational disparities among low-income youth who are gifted or have high potential. Through collaborative conversations with community partners, GOAL offers services under three primary components:

  1. Mentorship – Volunteer Education Champions are partnered with GOAL participants to build relationships and increase support to work toward educational success.
  2. Enrichment Activities – GOAL offers participants an opportunity to increase their real-world knowledge by participating in monthly enrichment activities at informal educational providers. During these events, parents are given information on how to best support their child’s educational success.
  3. Identification of high potential students – A training has been developed which highlights the intersections of poverty, behavior, and giftedness. This training can be shared with parent groups, schools, and youth service providers in the community.

Interested in learning more about GOAL? Contact the Greene County Center at (417) 447-0554.