Happy Campers

Great grandparents, Barbara and Estevan, recently began raising their two great grandchildren. Their large travel trailer retirement home went from comfortably housing two to snugly housing four when their great grandsons moved in.

Young boys eat a lot and Barbara and Estevan found themselves purchasing more food, as well as spending a lot more time cooking. It was hot in the trailer and their budget was stretched thin. Additionally, the boys had limited clothing – not enough to sustain getting dirty as much as they played outside. The travel trailer didn’t have a washing machine, and two seniors in retirement only took occasional trips to the laundromat. Barbara tried hand washing the clothes, but that was physically  demanding.

Barbara and Estevan needed help so they visited their local OACAC Neighborhood Center in Webster County. There they received an air conditioner, thanks to a grant funded by the Marshfield Area Community Foundation Affiliate. They also received a bag of food, information on applying for SNAP, a list of  People’s Pantries and local food distribution centers, as well as information on local resources for grandparents raising grandkids.

Barbara and Estevan followed-up to share the good news that they had used the resources provided. The boys now had several changes of clothes. They had received more food to stretch until the SNAP application was processed. There were even “good snacks” the boy enjoyed. Two futons were provided for sleeping. With a grant through the Webster County Senior Citizen Services Fund, a portable washer was purchased to help Barbara and Estevan wash clothes at home. The following week, Barbara contacted OACAC staff again with appreciation. She was thrilled with the little washer and with all the help provided, and said, “I am a happy camper!”