OACAC Housing Scores 100%

Congratulations to our Housing Assistance Program for scoring 100% on the SEMAP! The section eight management assessment program (SEMAP) measures the performance of the public housing agencies (PHAs) that administer the housing choice voucher program in 14 key areas.

The 14 key indicators of PHA performance are:

  • Proper selection of applicants from the housing choice voucher waiting list
  • Sound determination of reasonable rent for each unit leased
  • Establishment of payment standards within the required range of the HUD fair market rent
  • Accurate verification of family income
  • Timely annual reexaminations of family income
  • Correct calculation of the tenant share of the rent and the housing assistance payment
  • Maintenance of a current schedule of allowances for tenant utility costs
  • Ensure units comply with the housing quality standards before families enter into leases and PHAs enter into housing assistance contracts
  • Timely annual housing quality inspections
  • Performing of quality control inspections to ensure housing quality
  • Ensure that landlords and tenants promptly correct housing quality deficiencies
  • Ensure that all available housing choice vouchers are used
  • Expand housing choice outside areas of poverty or minority concentration
  • Enroll families in the family self-sufficiency (FSS) program as required and help FSS families achieve increases in employment income.  NOTE:  OACAC Housing does not have the FSS program.