Vocational Opportunities Inspiring Children in Elementary (VOICE)



OACAC’s Greene and Polk County Centers have launched The VOICE (Vocational Opportunities Inspiring Children in Elementary) Program!  This program addresses the issues of vocational aspiration and career awareness in local elementary children.  A VOICE simulation was provided to Humansville students this past Friday, November 14, and this week children attending Wilson’s Creek are participating in this career awareness program! 


“It was a great experience for our elementary students,” said one school counselor, “They learned a lot and increased their career awareness.  OACAC and our volunteers for the project are wonderful to work with.”


OACAC is in need of professional volunteers who would like to share their professions with elementary students and help them understand what they do and why they chose their career paths, and also general volunteers to help children transition to  different stations during the simulation.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jennifer Olson at 417-447-0554.  It would be a GREAT experience for you and a wonderful way to give back to your community!