Celebrating Foster Grandparent Volunteer, Doris Leach

Doris Leach has been an OACAC Foster Grandparent Volunteer for 22 years! After Doris retired, she became involved with the program because she needed something to do. She says she fell in love with the her new role as a Foster Grandparent and over the years has really enjoyed sharing her time, knowledge, and love with children.

Doris enjoys being in the classroom and working with children one-on-one. She has formed some very strong friendships with several children over the past 22 years. One of her fondest memories is of a day she was shopping in Springfield and heard someone yell from across the parking lot, “Hey, Grandma Doris! Hey, Grandma Doris!” As she doesn’t live in Springfield, she was surprised to hear her name, but she turned around and saw one of her students waving his hands up in the air and smiling saying, “Hi Grandma Doris, it’s me, Clay!” She treasures that memory.

We treasure the love and care Doris and all our Foster Grandparent volunteers give back to young ones in our communities, and we wish them a very happy #NationalSeniorCitizensDay.