40 Year Service Award to Judy Hargis

At our November 27 board meeting, Dallas County Neighborhood Center Supervisor, Judy Hargis, was presented with a 40 year service award. Upon her acceptance, Judy said, “Seriously, I love my job and I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to be paid for doing what I love. I have also received a wealth of education at no cost to me.”

Judy went on to list some of the things she has learned over these 40 years, including, “You can’t possibly feel sorry for yourself if you work in a Neighborhood Center, you spend too much time counting your blessings for that.”

She ended her sentiments with a genuine thank you for the opportunity to belong to the OACAC family. It is with many thanks that we say congratulations to Judy!

Judy is pictured below with OACAC Executive Director, Carl Rosenkranz, as well as with Dallas County board members, Brenda Howe, Sherry Bennett, and Roger Bradley.