A Place To Call Home

“One day can bend your life.”-Mitch Albom

Many people never contact OACAC for assistance until “life happens.” Recently, with the encouragement from an OACAC Board Member, a man contacted our Webster County Neighborhood Center. A series of difficult events from loss of a partner to long-term health problems and complications meant he needed some help. He was unable to manage expenses on his limited disability income and couldn’t find safe, affordable, accessible housing. He began living in his vehicle. A part-time job started to turn things around, but COVID closed the doors for a time. He continued to search for housing. Heeding the advice, he made an appointment with our Webster County Neighborhood Center, which led to a collaborative effort from several organizations in the county. He now has a roof over his head, utilities on, a refrigerator to store life-saving medication, and plans are in the works to build a ramp, making his home more accessible.

We are thankful for our board member who extended a hand of support, and for the Webster County Salvation Army, Webster County Senior Services Fund, Knights of Columbus, and Marshfield Senior Center for collaborating to make sure this man was taken care of. We are also thankful this man reached out for assistance.