ON YOUR SIDE: OACAC assisting low-income homeowners to prepare for winter

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Springfield’s OACAC is offering home winterization improvements for low-income households.

Acts as simple as caulking windows could cut utility costs by at least 15 or 20% in a home. The program frequently provides attic, floor and wall insulation too. Crews install vapor barriers, wrap pipes and ductwork, and caulk around the windows and doors. Sometimes, crews even replace doors and windows.

Crews just finished winterization repairs at Laurie Ross’ home. They did all the usual stuff, but because her home had old knob and tube electrical wiring, they were also able to get funding to replace it before adding the insulation. She’s already noticing the difference in her home’s efficiency.

“Very excited, because yesterday we noticed it was hot outside, and never got above 73 inside,” said Ross. “So that was really nice, because usually if it was 85 outside, it was 80 inside. So that was great.”

To watch the full story, visit KY3. Our thanks to reporter, Linda Simmons, for covering the story.