Community Collaborative Meeting 3/7/19

In response to the government shutdown in December and January, on 1/19/19, the OACAC Greene County Center hosted a collaborative meeting for community agencies and non-profits to objectively discuss the impact of the shutdown, share relevant and factual information from funding sources, and collectively determine strategies that could be implemented to meet needs in the community. From this initial gathering came a second meeting of agencies and the faith-based community on 1/31/19. With the government re-opened and a second shutdown averted, the conversation shifted to focus on how tenants of 417 Rentals may find their housing in jeopardy following the critical medical condition of owner, Chris Gatley.

A third collaborative meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7, from 9-11am. The priority of the meeting will be to discuss the properties being auctioned off in March, how the families living there will be displaced and need supports, and what the future holds for all residents living in 417 Rentals properties. The meeting will be held at OACAC, 215 S. Barnes, in Springfield. For more information, contact Cassie Melvin at (417) 447-0554.