Head Start Holiday Smiles 2019

The annual OACAC Head Start Holiday Smiles campaign raises funding to provide exams, preventative care, and critically needed dental work for Head Start children. To reduce expenses, OACAC makes use of cost saving methods such as on-site exams, fluoride treatments, and dental education to families. With the implementation of managed care, there has been a reduction in the number of providers who accept Medicaid. This has resulted in difficulty meeting the needs of the children and families we serve.

Our goal for the Head Start Holiday Smiles campaign is to provide a dental exam for every child. There are uninsured Head Start children in need of an exam, many of whom will also require dental work. The average cost per child, based on the rates for an exam, prophy (removal of coronal plaque), fluoride, and x-rays, is $382.

This holiday season, we need your help in reaching our goal of healthy smiles for all children. Click here to make a contribution to the Head Start Healthy Smiles today or send a check to OACAC Head Start | 215 S. Barnes | Springfield, MO 65802 | Attention: Holiday Smiles.